Val Passiria/Passeiertal: hiking and more
Val Passiria/Passeiertal: hiking and more

Fantastically beautiful hikes in idyllic Val Passiria/Passeiertal

Where your hiking boots lead the way

Your breath remains even and unwavering as, with each step, you inch closer to the peak. Ascending higher and higher, you traverse the solitary trail. The calls of Alpine jackdaws greet you, bidding you welcome. Soon, the rugged trail evens out, revealing the majestic summit cross standing proudly before you. Striking peaks, dense forests, and gentle meadows as far as the eye can see. Val Passiria/Passeiertal, with its picturesque villages, lies spread out below you. You breathe in the fresh mountain air and feel the satisfaction flow through you after your ascent. This feeling is yours to experience during leisurely and extended hikes and Nordic walks in Val Passiria/Passeiertal.

Val Passiria/Passeiertal: hiking and more

Hiking highlights at the Quellenhof See Lodge

Born and raised in Val Passiria/Passeiertal, the Dorfer family naturally have first-hand hiking tips and rewarding hiking packages for you.

  • Two guided Alpine hikes with hiking guide every week
  • Summer and autumn summit hikes with Alpenschlössel manager Jörg Perwanger
  • In high summer, a magical sunrise hike to the Flecknerspitze peak (2,331 metres above sea level) with breakfast at the hut
  • Herb and bee walks with local experts
  • Hiking rucksacks for hire at the reception
  • Trekking poles for hire
  • Maps and hiking tips

Take a look at our hiking brochure with hiking tips for young and old, available free of charge at the reception.

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Val Passiria/Passeiertal: hiking and more

A selection of enjoyable and spectacular hiking routes

Water channel trails and adventure paths

The “Maiser Waalweg” water channel trail
The “Matatzer Waalweg” water channel trail
The apple trail in Dorf Tirol
The nature and adventure path in Marling and/or the squirrel trail (Eichhörnchenweg)
The “Schildhöfeweg” trail and its variant, the “Rösslsteig” trail – “Riffianer Waalweg” water channel trail
In the footsteps of Andreas Hofer
“Norggensteig” – themed trail featuring legends and goblins

Leisurely hikes for the whole family

Gompm Alm mountain hut in the Hirzer area*
Lazinser Alm mountain hut in Alta Val Passiria/Hinterpasseier*
Faltschnalalm mountain hut in Pfelders*
Pfandleralm mountain hut*
Fartleisalm mountain hut*
Leadneralm mountain hut* and the open-air cinema (Knottenkino)
Hike to Hinteregger Alm mountain hut – Mad Alm mountain hut*
From Falzeben to the Meraner mountain hut*
From Walten to the Wannser Alm mountain hut*
Ulfaser Alm mountain hut in Val Passiria/Passeiertal*
Seeberalm mountain hut and Lake Alpe/Seebersee
Egger-Grub-Alm mountain hut
Pfistrad St. Anna mountain hut

*suitable for prams

Challenging mountain hikes

“Kalmtaler Almrunde” Alpine pasture circuit trail
Monteneve/Schneeberg mountain hut
Obisell lake
Laghi di Sopranes/Spronser lakes
Lake Nero/Schwarzsee
Giovo/Jaufenkamm ridge

Summit hikes

Punta Cervina/Hirzer
Picco Ivigna/Ifinger
Mt Muta/Mutspitze
Cima Matatz/Matatzspitze
Vedetta Alta/Hochwart (Riffian)
Cima Lago Nero/Schwarzseespitze

Jogging tips for those who like to step it up a notch

Val Passiria/Passeiertal offers more than just scenic hikes; it beckons those craving a faster pace. Here, Nordic walking and jogging trails weave beside glistening streams, traverse vibrant Alpine meadows, and meander through cool, dense forests. Don’t miss the running trail that starts directly from the Quellenhof See Lodge. It is about 20 kilometres long and winds along the Passirio/Passer river in or out of the valley. If you prefer to run or walk in a group, we recommend taking a look at our in-house exercise and fitness programme, which always includes running and Nordic walking excursions with professional fitness trainers. The run is followed by strength and stretching exercises, and in summer, a Kneipp session (cold water therapy) in the cool Passirio/Passer river.

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